Day of Procedure

Prior to arriving at Harley Day Surgery

On the day of your procedure, it is recommended to shower or bath. You may use deodorant, but do not use
talcum powder, face creams, makeup, perfumes or after shave. You may wear your wedding ring but leave all
other jewellery at home. It is suggested to wear comfortable clothing on the day of procedure.

It is important to continue all your normal medications unless you have been instructed otherwise.
If you have diabetes or are taking blood thinning medication, you will need to discuss the management
of your medications with your clinician and anaesthetist.


On arrival at Harley Dental

On arrival, please report to the main reception. Our team will welcome you, confirm your details, ensure all relevant admission paperwork is completed as well as accept payment for any out-of-pocket expenses before you meet with our registered nurse. The nurse will prepare you for your procedure together with our anaesthetist. They will explain to you the anaesthetic procedure, undertake a medical examination and answer any questions that you may have.

Recovery Area

After your procedure is completed, you will be assisted by our nursing staff and taken to our recovery area and seated in one of our recovery chairs. Our team will continue to care for you and you will be offered a light refreshment.
When you are ready, your carer will be notified and you will be given post-operative instructions. You may then be taken home accompanied by a responsible adult who will come in and collect you from the Harley Day Surgery recovery area.

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