At Harley Day Surgery, our procedures are all completed on the same day which means no overnight stays in a hospital. As a day procedure hospital, we have fewer overheads than larger hospitals, resulting in a lower
admission fee for our patients.

For patients with private health cover

We have tier 2 agreements in place with all of the major private health insurers, allowing us to lodge claims on
your behalf.

For patients with no health cover

We can offer competitive day procedure rates compared to larger hospitals due to our day procedure facility setup.


Hospital Costs

The operating theatre, day-stay accommodations, and commonly used medications and dressings are all included in the hospital fee for your surgery. Any additional charges will be outlined prior to your procedure.

If you have private health insurance, we will submit a claim to your health fund on your behalf.

If your insurance policy has an excess or a gap, you must pay it at the time of admission. Your health insurance company will have informed us directly about the coverage they will provide.

If you do not have private health insurance, you will need pay the full account prior to admission.

A Harley Day Surgery staff member will contact you one or two days before your admission to confirm any hospital expenses for your surgery that must be paid on admission, also known as your Informed Financial Consent (IFC).
The cost of your admission is not covered by Medicare.


Payment Types

On the day of your admission we accept Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS and cash, or you can pay by direct debit at any time prior to your admission.

Specialist or Dentist, Anaesthetist and Pathology costs

Please be aware that, in addition to Harley Day Surgery’s cost, your Clinician, Anaesthetist, Pathologist (if required) will issue additional invoices
for their services.

These accounts are not handled by Harley Day Surgery, and you must pay them directly.

Please note that the item numbers on the accounts you receive from these doctors will match those on your Hospital account, but they are for your
Doctor’s services, not the Hospital’s charges.


Health Insurance

Please confirm your level of hospital admission coverage (if applicable) with your health insurance provider prior to admission. If you have any queries once you have spoken to you provider, please contact our team for any questions related to your treatment.

For patients with private health insurance

At Harley Day Surgery, we have tier 2 agreements in place with all of the major private health funds, allowing us to submit claims on your behalf.
In your pre-admission forms, please include the correct health fund information. We will call your health fund in the days leading prior to your admission to determine your level of hospital coverage, whether any waiting periods have been served, and whether any out-of-pocket payments are required (excess or co-payment).
Some Day Hospital procedures may be restricted or prohibited from certain levels of coverage. If you have any questions after seeing your specialist or dentist, please contact your health fund.
You will either need to know the item number for your procedure(s) or tell them you’re undergoing dental surgery.

Work Cover or a Third-Party Claim

If your treatment is covered by Work Cover or a Third-Party Claim, please send us the complete claim details, including a letter from your insurance company or case manager acknowledging responsibility for the admission.

No Health Fund Cover?

We will give you a written estimate of all hospital fees if you don’t have private health insurance. All fees must be paid at the time of admission.

Any other questions?

Please contact our Harley Day Surgery admissions team if you have any queries about your health fund coverage for your planned surgery.



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