Oral Pathology

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 Treating diseases and/or abnormalities in and around the mouth.

Certain symptoms in your mouth can indicate the existence of oral diseases and/or abnormalities and can cause you considerable concern. Oral pathology is a wide-ranging dental speciality that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases, affecting in and around the mouth. While most oral pathology is benign and not serious, early diagnosis is key for timely intervention and treatment.

What to Expect


Management of most oral pathologies may require one or two appointments.

At your initial consultation, your oral pathologist will complete a full medical and dental history, a comprehensive examination and assessment of the oral lesion/condition with possible photographs to prepare a plan of care.

Treatment can be undertaken at either the initial visit or in a subsequent visit.

Appointment Duration

Your first consultation will take approximately 30 minutes, whilst treatment appointments will usually take approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Review appointments are approximately 15 minutes.

Fees & Private Health

Prior to treatment commencing, you will receive an estimate of fees and available payment options for your proposed treatment. Fees will vary widely depending on your individual treatment plan and will discussed with you in detail.

Patients with private health insurance may be entitled to rebates on the cost of treatment, depending on the type of policy and the level of cover held.


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