Harley Day Surgery Featured on Global-Mark

Thank you to Global-Mark for the feature on Harley Day Surgery regarding attaining certification for ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and National Health Safety and Quality Health Standard Services (NSQHS).

“Whilst NSQHS accreditation is a requirement to hold a license to operate Harley Day Surgery, Harley Day Surgery underwent additional assessment for ISO 9001 certification. The combination of both audits provides Harley Day Surgery with the knowledge, know-how and tools to support high-quality and safe care to patients within a framework of an efficient quality management system.  

From the enrollment process through to the on-site audit, Harley Day Surgery found Global-Mark to be highly professional with experienced personnel who were available to answer any questions. Scheduling the audit was challenging given the pandemic, but Global-Mark met tight timeframes and had certificates and outcome reports within days.

There were three significant outcomes drawn from the audit process undergone by Harley Day Surgery; 

  1. Successfully achieving interim accreditation against the NSQHS Standards and certification for AS/NZS ISO 9001:2006.
  2. Quality time spent with on-site auditors who provided their experienced insights on how to build an organisational culture of quality and safety within systems.
  3. Confidence in the knowledge that Harley Day Surgery has a framework that is a sound foundation for improving patient outcomes, mitigating risks, identifying strengths and gaps in processes and that promotes communication and feedback.

The recognition that Harley Day Surgery meets the requirements of our health industry NSQHS Standards as well as the globally recognised ISO9001 provides patients, clinicians, staff and other stakeholders with the confidence to invest their time and resources. Ultimately, it provides a competitive edge in the lean and efficient delivery of services within a framework of quality and safety, producing optimal patient outcomes.”

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