General Anaesthesia

Dental treatment whilst you are asleep.

General Anaesthesia (GA) is an induced state of complete unconsciousness either by injection or through a mask. The sedative agents will temporarily put you asleep, so you are unable to respond to touch, voice or feel anything while dental treatment is carried out. It is most often recommended for more complex procedures or where it is safer or more comfortable for you to be unconscious.

As like any other surgery performed by a doctor, dental treatment through General Anaesthesia is carried out in a private hospital using specialised equipment and personnel including a qualified medical anaesthetist. Most dental patients are admitted as day only patients and are usually discharged within a few hours of their procedure.

What to Expect


In the minutes or hours after you wake up from GA, it is common to feel confused, groggy or “fuzzy” and experience nausea, a sore throat (from the breathing tube), dizziness and/or agitation. These side effects do not last long and most people make a full recovery within a few hours.

Compared to IV Sedation

Unlike IV Sedation, GA places you in a completely unconscious state. In other words, you will be asleep and will be unable to respond to voice or touch.

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